ID.Box - automated sale of SMART cards

Compact and stylish SMART card vending machine. Without the participation of a seller, and with contactless payment feature



If you do not need customer identification when selling cards, ID.Box is an excellent solution
Adding funds to the balance
Passport scans are checked by special software algorithms to detect fakes
Big Data
The image in a passport and a user's face are checked. Verification using AI technology eliminates the possibility of fraud.
The interactive menu can be customized to the vendor's marketing objectives. Easy and user-friendly communication with customers
The second display allows broadcasting advertising videos and other marketing content

Benefits for the client

There is no need to visit a retailer's office to get a
card or make a deposit
No problem related to cash
There is no need to find the right banknotes to
pay for services with no change
Due to the absence of paper forms and applications, it is possible to get a card/make a deposit in a couple of minutes
The interface is designed so that the terminal can be easily used even by an elderly person

Advantages for the company

Costs saving
Sellers are not required
at the places of terminal location
Savings on encashment
The device works only
with cashless payment
Rapid network scaling
Just place the ID.Box in areas that are frequently visited by your target audience
Fulfillment of marketing objectives
Promotion of mobile applications, advertisements, customer surveys, analytics, etc.

Appearance and functionality

Compact and stylish
ID.Box is made in minimalistic hi-tech style and can perfectly fit into any modern interior
Additional modules
Upon your request, ID.Box can be equipped with a second card dispenser and a second display (for ads).
Contactless payments
The terminal is equipped with an NFC module - you can pay without contact. You just need to bring the card to the sensor
The software interface and the device case can be customized in your corporate style (colors, fonts, logo)
Special camera that allows controlling the number of items sold to one person
Touch screen (23.8 inches) for interaction with the terminal
NFC - contactless payment module
Dispenser for SMART cards issuance (second dispenser is optional)
Screen (23.8 inches) for promotional materials (optional)

Working algorithm of the ID.Box

The client chooses
service in the terminal menu
Makes contactless
The terminal gives out
a SMART-card


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