SMART card sales without salespeople

A specialized terminal for selling SMART cards of any type with contactless capabilities without the need for a salesperson.

Issuing SMART cards

Without salespeople or labour costs.

Crediting electronic «wallets» and personal accounts

ID.Box customers can quickly and safely add credit to their accounts without wasting time.

Working with Big Data

Customers can quickly and comfortably work with big data in the terminal system.

Interactive marketing communications

Customers can use the ID.Box terminal for marketing communications.

Customer product advertising

The presence of two screens enables the terminal to broadcast ads, attracting new customers to products.


An appliance for automated service. Special equipment is used to achieve compliance:

A special camera that enables the terminal to control the number of items sold to one person
23.8" touch screen for interacting with the terminal
NFC contactless payment module
SMART card dispenser (with an optional second dispenser)
23.8" screen for promotional materials (optional)


A single device that combines and automates solutions for attracting new customers to your projects


Issuing SMART cards without needing a salesperson, thus saving time and labour costs.


A well-designed interactive menu that can encourage further customer interaction via the mobile application.


Advertising available goods and services on the in-built ID.Box screens to attract new customers.


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A self-service kiosk on your mobile device

A special app, which allows subscribers to register SIM cards from any mobile network operator in self-service mode.

An app for vendors

A special app, which enables the registration of SIM cards of any mobile network operator.