ID.Robot - a robot-consultant that provides SMART cards

The robot can move around, consult customers on products in several languages and provide SMART cards


Impressive innovative solution

ID.Robot is not just a terminal for providing SMART cards. It recognizes speech and human appearance, can answer questions, and much more. Moving around the hall, the consultant robot will attract attention wherever you place it: in a customer service center, in a shopping center, airport, railway station, etc.
It can help to choose a product
ID.Robot will answer questions, tell about the products and services, choose the right product
Provides a client with
a SMART card
Robot seller is equipped with a dispenser for providing cards and can accept payments
Helps to register a SMART card
Tells users how to use the app for remote identification
Collects and analyzes data
ID.Robot can remember all information while communicating with a client and provides a detailed report

Benefits for the client

Service in native language
Tourists and other foreign guests can be consulted and answered questions in their own language
Support at any time
The robot works 24/7. It's equally detailed, accurate, and clearly answers to questions day and night
Fast obtaining a SMART card
To get a SMART-card from ID.Robot is possible just in a couple of minutes; to register it remotely in the network - in 5-10 minutes
Answers to questions
Unlike ordinary terminals, ID.Robot consults clients and answers their questions
Finding the right product
Robot seller can help to choose a product,
based on the criteria set by a customer

Advantages for the company

Popularizing the brand
Almost everyone will want to take a picture of your robot (it can be branded) and post a photo in the social media. You will get viral marketing for free
Customer service in 10 languages
Perfect for tourists and other foreigners. ID.Robot can be placed at an airport, train station, customer service offices, etc.
24-hour service
Robots — are versatile employees. They can work around the clock and being not tired. This is especially important in 24-hour service points with large flow of people
Large target audience coverage
ID.Robot does not just stand still but moves along a predetermined trajectory. So it attracts much more attention from visitors than a stationary terminal
Sales scripts
The robot seller is always polite and can build a conversation with a client using a script written in advance. You can implement any sales strategies

What can ID.Robot do?

Communicate with the client using a sales script
Avoid obstacles
Move along a predetermined trajectory
Recognize speech
Answer questions
Execute voice commands
Provide analytical reports
Recognize and remember a person
Choose the right products
Keep a conversation
Determine a person's age
Memorize all spoken information
Video analysis system
Touch sensor
Touch screen
3D sensor
Card dispenser
Obstruction sensors
Movement platform


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