An autonomous robot
for issuing SIM cards

An autonomous service robot that provides subscribers with consultations on carrier products and services and issues SIM cards.


The robot can assist subscribers in choosing the optimal service plan, provide consultations on services and answer questions. It moves independently and avoids obstacles without the need for an operator.

Attracting media attention
Attracting new subscribers
Quick customer service
24/7 operation


Video analysis system
Contact detector
3D sensor
Card dispenser
Manipulator arms
Obstacle detector
Movement platform

Recognise and remember individuals
Recognise speech
Execute voice commands
Determine age
Hold a conversation
Move along an assigned route
Issue SIM cards
Select service plans
Remember all conversations and provide detailed analytical reports


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A self-service kiosk on your mobile device

A special app, which allows subscribers to register SIM cards from any mobile network operator in self-service mode.

An app for vendors

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