Vending and franchising combined

A specialized terminal for providing user identification and issuing SMART cards of any type.


ID.WORLD is a multifunctional system for automating the input, processing and verification of user data using terminals and the subscriber's mobile device.


Purpose-built equipment evaluates the customer's biometric parameters.

Photo scanning

Specialised software tools verify с submitted documents to prevent document forgery.


We have developed and trained AI-powered software verifying that the identification document matches the owner.

Use case

ID.Abonent can be used to sell any goods and services which require identity authentication.


An appliance for automated service. Compliance with customer identification requirements is achieved using special equipment:

Additional 19" tamper-proof monitor (optional)
3D Camera
19″ LCD touch screen
NFC module
Card dispenser
Motorised card reader
Compact tamper-proof case
Metal 16-key encrypted numeric keypad
ID scanner
Bill acceptor
Thermal check printer


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A self-service kiosk on your mobile device

A special app, which allows subscribers to register SIM cards from any mobile network operator in self-service mode.

An app for vendors

A special app, which enables the registration of SIM cards of any mobile network operator.