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ID.Terminal - automated customer service

A specialized terminal that identifies users, checks their documents and issues SMART-cards of any type



Document Scanning
A special
hardware-software module scans documents, recognizes data from them with high precision, and stores them in the system
Identity verification
3D camera and recognition technologies make it possible to accurately compare the user's face and photo in submitted documents
With the help of specialized equipment, the terminal can read user biometric data
Sales of SMART-cards
and other services
ID.Terminal can issue or sell cards of any type, accept funds for account replenishment or payments for services

Benefits for the client

There is no need to visit a distant office of the company/institution,
if a terminal is installed nearby
Without queues and questionnaire filling. Identification in a few minutes
Terminals work 24 hours a day - you can get a card or
pay for the service at any time
User-friendly interface, fast software response — - working with ID.Terminal is a pleasure

Advantages for the company

Rapid network scaling up
No need to open an office - just install
ID.Terminal. It can work 24 hours a day
Reducing space rental costs
Only 0.12 sq.m. is required for the terminal to be installed. To equip an employee's workplace - much more
Improved service
In existing offices, the use of ID.Terminal will eliminate
queues and shorten the customer service time
The terminal can be placed at the most remote locations, as well as
in places frequently visited by your customers

ID.Terminal - a stylish
ergonomic device

Easy-to-use and convenient
Optimally located modules of the device, friendly interface - users highly appreciate the ergonomics of the terminal
Contemporary design
ID.Terminal fits perfectly into any interior: office, shopping or business center, government institution
Two payment methods
The terminal is equipped with a currency detector
and a card reader. It is possible to pay for services in cash or with a card
The case of the device can be branded according to your wishes. The interface is also customizable to suit your corporate style
19" vandal-resistant display (*optional)
3D Camera
19" Touchscreen
NFC module
Card dispenser
Motorized card reader
Compact vandal resistant housing
Metal 16 pinpad 
Passport scanner
Currency detector
Check thermal printer

How it works

By the example of the card issuance algorithm
The terminal scans the user's face
The user scans a document
The terminal verifies the user
Terminal gives out
a SMART-card


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