Products for automated personal identification

System for automation of user data input, processing, and verification

ID.Abonent - application for remote subscriber registration

New subscribers can register and activate SIM/eSIM in the network by themselves - online and without your participation. For any operators of cellular communication

ID.Client - application for independent client identification

Do you offer services that require user verification? Do you want to implement a reliable method of customer identification with minimal costs? Connect to ID.Client!

ID.Agent - App
for fast SIM/eSIM operator registration by an agent

Automate the work of your sales staff with advanced technology. Reduce the time of new customer service several times!

ID.Guest - application for identification of customers, visitors, employees

Advanced software solution for fast and reliable identity verification in semi-automatic or automatic mode


ID.WORLD is a universal system of automation of user data input, processing, and verification, which uses terminals and subscribers' mobile devices
The authenticity of submitted documents is checked with the help of specialized software that allows excluding the use of forged documents
Specialized equipment is used to assess biometric personality parameters
Specially developed software with the use of AI technology conducts verification of identity compliance with the submitted document
You can use the solution when selling any goods and services that require identity verification

Key system components

ID.WORLD is a universal system of automation of user data input, processing and verification that uses terminals
bar codes


It is a universal system for automation of user data input, processing and verification using terminals and mobile devices of subscribers.


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