ID.Abonent - is a free application for remote subscriber registration

New subscribers can register and activate SIM/eSIM in the network — online and without your participation. For any mobile operators


ID.Abonent App allows anyone who has a smartphone with a camera to activate their SIM/eSIM on their own. The process does not require the involvement of your employees and visiting the office.
Subscriber follows all the steps in the app:
Documents uploading
Passport scans are checked by special software algorithms to detect fakes
Identity identification
The image in a passport and a user's face are checked. Verification using AI technology eliminates the possibility of fraud.
Contract Signing
The user certifies the contract with an electronic signature, which is checked to be authentic.
Biometric data is collected via the user's smartphone hardware and software
To store and transmit data, ID.Abonent uses encryption and secure communication channels


Advantages for an operator

Cost Savings
Retail network maintenance costs are reduced
Subscriber base growth
With ID.Abonent it is possible to attract new customers even in remote areas where your offices are not available
SIM/eSIM sales channel expansion
Remote registration makes it reasonable to sell them worldwide:
in supermarkets, kiosks, online stores.

Benefits for the client

You can use the services of the operator in 5-10 minutes after the purchase of a SIM card
Easy to complete
There is no need to enter data manually - the app will recognize the data in documents by itself, all you have to do is confirm it.
You can interrupt the activation and then continue it over two days: the system will remember where you stopped.

Get ahead of the rivals and use
ID.Abonent features today.

Expand your subscriber base at no cost
Rent and furnishing of offices, staff costs -
you do not have to increase these costs with ID.Abonent
Use advanced and proven verification methods
Software with machine learning technologies will help to avoid errors and inattention in identifying a subscriber and verifying documents, while employees can make such mistakes.
Attract subscribers in the most far-away places of the country
Just organize the sale of SIM cards. Subscribers won't need to get to your office to be registered.
Customize ID.Abonent in
corporate style of the operator
Subscribers will use the application, fully
customized to your wishes and brand book standards


User presses the "Register SIM/eSIM" button
User points the camera at the passport
The system identifies the user
User puts his signature on
the screen.

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