ID.Guest - application for identification of customers, visitors, employees

Advanced software solution for fast and reliable identity verification in semi-automatic or automatic mode


ID.Guest is an excellent solution for enterprises, organizations, and companies that need employee authorization and visitor identification. It can be a pass-through system at the entrance, access to equipment, certain services, or data. ID.Guest can be combined with your access control equipment, providing a unified
software and hardware solution.
All data collected and stored by ID.Guest is protected by modern security protocols. Encryption is used, the transmission is performed through protected channels only
With the camera of a smartphone, ID.Guest can read
barcode passes and extract the encoded information
Passports are also scanned by a smartphone camera. Data is recognized with high precision thanks to
OCR technologies
Identity verification
The App uses VisionLabs technologies, thanks to which verification errors are eliminated
Electronic signature
A handwritten electronic signature is a modern and secure way to certify various documents, including financial ones

Benefits for Hotels and Business Centers

Verification of user identity and authenticity of their documents provides access control to data, premises, services
Authorization with ID.Guest takes only a few minutes, while regular manual authorization takes on average from 10 to 15 minutes
Reducing paperwork
Passport data, authorization log, signed user agreements - all these will be in electronic form

Benefits for customers and visitors

User will be able to login 3-5 times faster than usually
No need to sign in logs or fill in questionnaires
Personal data protection
User can be calm: ID.Guest uses reliable methods to protect their data

You need ID.Guest,
if you want:

To implement user identification
To minimise initial costs as well as costs for further maintenance. You will only need a smartphone and the access to the internet
To reorganize the outdated verification system
To forget about paper visit logs and manual data logging. The App automatically records all data in electronic log
To improve
service quality
User verification is extremely fast and convenient. Get rid of queues, customer dissatisfaction and save employees' working time

Personal identification algorithm

To register
in the Personal Cabinet
To read and accept the Offer.
To upload the required templates of documents
and the company logo to the Personal Cabinet.
The system checks the data, verifies
and authorizes the client

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