ID.Client - application for independent client identification

Do you offer services that require user verification? Do you want to implement a reliable method of customer identification with minimal costs? Connect to ID.Client!

System Features

ID.Client is a free mobile application (available in Google Play and App Store). By downloading it to their smartphone, a user can go through all the standard stages of identification to sign a contract and/or to access your services on their own.
Upload data
of documents and their scans
With a smartphone camera, a customer scans documents on their own, and the system recognizes and authenticates them.
Conduct identity verification
The application checks user's face (scanned by the camera in real-time) and photo in the submitted document
Sign the contract,
if necessary
The app provides a possibility to sign a contract. The client signs the document with an electronic signature
Gather biometrics
ID.Client allows collecting biometric data of the client, if required
ID.Client — is an easy-to-use and reliable solution combining the hardware capabilities of a smartphone and unique ID.Client software solutions. The app uses artificial intelligence technologies (machine learning) and proven document authentication methods

Advantages for the company

Implementation of verification
It was not possible to identify users,
as it is expensive and troublesome? ID.Client solves this problem
Extension of the reach
From now on you can offer services to a wider range of users.
With ID.Client, people living in remote areas, full-time workers, etc. can become your clients.
Cutting costs
Attracting new customers is now possible without enlarging
offices and hiring new employees.
Attracting a solvent audience
Technological products, innovations - these are all valued by a certain segment of users. These people love solutions that save their time and usually have a high level of income.

Benefits for the client

Users do not need to waste time visiting your office or send notarized copies by mail and wait for a response
Clients can be verified and use your services anytime and anywhere: all they need is access to the Internet
There is no need for complicated actions and manual filling in documents. ID.Client recognizes data from scans on its own, and the whole process takes no more than 5-10 minutes
Attracting a solvent audience

ID.Client is needed, if you:

Provide services involving personal identification and would like to cut costs for the offices and even employees, who verify customers remotely
services with personal identification
and would like to attract the target audience that does not have the opportunity to pass offline verification.
Provide services without verification and would like to implement customer identification with the use of simple and reliable modern methods.

In order to connect to the system, it is necessary

To register
in the Personal Cabinet
To read and accept the Offer.
To upload the required templates of documents
and the company logo to the Personal Cabinet.
Add funds to Personal account balance

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