ID.Agent - App
for fast SIM/eSIM operator registration by an agent

Automate the work of your sales staff with advanced technologies. Reduce the time of service for a new subscriber in several times!


ID.Agent is a software application that can be installed on smartphones or tablets of your employees and agents. With its help, the process of identification of a new subscriber and registration of their SIM/eSIM in the network will be conducted in semi-automatic mode. Using the app, your salesperson will verify user documents, extract passport data from them, verify the subscriber, and sign a contract with him or her.
All data gathered by ID.Agent is encrypted. Data is transmitted through protected channels
The App quickly scans documents of a subscriber via a smartphone camera, recognizes the data, and stores it in the database. Strong document authentication methods are applied
The system allows collecting and storing customer biometric data. Hardware capabilities of the smartphone are used for gathering biometric data
Electronic signature
A handwritten electronic signature on the screen is a reliable modern method of certification and signing of any documents. Undergoing verification for authenticity
Access control by
In ID.Agent, it is possible to track the geolocation of agents. Set up geolocation and limit
access to the app on its basis

Benefits for the client

Registering SIM/eSIM with an agent of the operator will take no more than 5-10 minutes
You no longer need to manually fill-in paper forms and make photocopies of documents
Automation of the processes will inevitably lead to the emergence of multiple points of sale and registration of SIM/eSIM within walking distance
Caring for the Ecology
Today, many people have serious concerns about environmental protection. The lack of paper copies and questionnaires during registration will please such clients

Advantages for an operator

Quality of service
The fast registration process will increase your reputation in the eyes of your clients and increase their level of satisfaction with the company
Fewer mistakes
In the case of manual collection of customer data, errors are inevitable.
Using automated methods will help to avoid most of them
Saving the time of agents
The procedure of client registration will now be
several times faster
Material Costs Reduction
With ID.Agent you will reduce purchase costs for sales staff
on paper, scanners, printers, and even computers. All that you need is a smartphone

Move your
retail network to a new level with features of ID.Agent

Use reliable and prompt verification methods
To verify the identity of subscribers, ID.Agent uses advanced technologies of computer vision and machine learning
Request customization of the app
The ID.Agent interface can be designed in a corporate style upon operator request
Scale up the distribution network
Connect new subscribers anywhere in the world. All your agents will need for work is a smartphone and Internet access.
Register a subscriber immediately after purchasing SIM/eSIM
You can combine the functions of SIM/eSIM sales staff and employees who verify new subscribers

SIM/eSIM registration algorithm by a salesperson

The agent presses the button
"Register SIM/eSIM"
Agent scans client's passport
using smartphone camera
Subscriber puts their signature
on the screen


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