a remote subscriber registration app
a remote subscriber
registration app
Document scanning
The user scans documents using the smartphone camera — the system automatically recognizes the data and checks the document for authenticity.
Identity verification
The app compares the photo of the document with the camera image, confirming that the document belongs to the owner.
Automatic SIM/eSIM registration
After signing the contract, the data is automatically transferred to the billing of the telecom operator, and the SIM/eSIM is registered in accordance with the requirements of the legislation.
Registration via alternative services
The app supports legally approved contract registration services, including through the Gosklutch (State Key) (and other services).
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Benefits for the operator
To store and transmit information, ID.Abonent uses encryption and secure communication channels.
Error-free registration
Scanning and recognizing information from documents using the app eliminates data entry errors, and comparing the face to the photo in the document eliminates falsification.
Convenience and savings
All documents are processed and stored digitally: no delays, no errors and no need to store the originals.
Quick connection
To start, it is enough to register in your personal account and upload documents. The service can be integrated through API.
Advantages for the client
Fast registration
SIM/eSIM registration is automatic and takes a few minutes.
Convenient registration
The client can receive SIM or eSIM remotely, by courier, or at the point of sale, and then register the contract on their own at any time and place convenient for them.
Paperless process
Presenting documents electronically eliminates the need for paper forms. Signing on smartphone screens and electronic storage of documents makes the process easier.
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