app for registering visitors, guests and clients
app for registering visitors,
guests and clients
Document scanning
Visitor scans documents using the smartphone camera — the system automatically recognizes the data and also checks the document for authenticity.
Visit verification
The system will help to link the scanned document of a visitor with the issued pass, with further possibility to cancel it after the visit is over.
Paperless process
All documents are processed and stored digitally: no delays, no errors and no need to work with physical data carriers.
Employee Authorization
The system allows for quick authorization of employees registering visitors and their passes in the app, which increases the transparency of the entire visitor registration process.
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Benefits for the owner or tenant of a property
To store and transmit information, ID.Guest uses encryption and secure communication channels.
Fast passage
Visitor registration is almost instantaneous; all you need to do is to scan a document. There is no need to keep paper logs and enter data manually.
Automatic verification
In the process of scanning the document, it will be checked for authenticity. This will eliminate access to the object of persons with fake documents.
Provide access control without an access control system. To control access, an employee only needs to have a smartphone and a registered account.
Full access
All information about visitors and the time of their visit is stored digitally. All data is stored in compliance with all the security requirements.
Benefits for the visitor
Quick verification
It is enough to show an ID card to pass. Verification takes a few seconds.
No red tape
There is no need to fill out questionnaires and sign in the logs. All documents are automatically generated in electronic form.
Multiple visits
In case of a new visit, it is possible to register a visitor using previously saved data, which makes the check-in process even faster and more convenient.
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