a service for online distribution of digital products
a service for online distribution
of digital products
Convenient registration for a partner
With our service, you can register in your personal account and become a partner with the complete package of authorization documentation for the implementation of activities.
Ordering and receiving SIM-cards and other digital products
It is possible to order courier delivery of the list of products available for «to the door» delivery in the service. For digital products, the items will appear in your personal account immediately.
Automatic SIM/eSIM registration
The ability to issue eSIM/SIM and other digital products through the app using client’s documents, scanning documents with a smartphone camera with automated recognition and authentication, the data is sent to the billing for the official registration of the contract.
Access control
In addition, it is possible to register Partner’s employees before the start of work with a list of unique identifiers (barcode, SMS, etc.), which makes their work in the App transparent.
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Benefits for the service operator or provider
To store and transmit information, ID.Partner uses encryption and secure communication channels.
More sales
You will get more customers through a new sales channel. ID.Partner will increase the sales and reach of your product nationwide.
Fewer costs
Don’t waste time and money on promotion, logistics, and maintenance of sales points. The service handles all logistics and boosts sales.
Paperless process
All documents are processed and stored digitally, with no delays or errors.
Manageability and transparency
The service provider has full information about sales in their account: the number of partners, the quality of their work, and compliance with standards.
Advantages for the partner
Convenient registration
To become a partner, simply register in your personal account where you will receive a full package of authorized documentation electronically.
Additional earnings
The service allows you to become an official partner of a whole list of providers in online mode and also helps to start earning right here and now. No investments are required from a partner.
Fast delivery
An order placed in the service’s personal account will be delivered for free to anywhere in Russia within a few days. Digital goods can become available in just a few minutes.
All telecom operators and service providers in a single app. Orders, information about goods and services, contacts — everything online.
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