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Daniil Bodrykin
I used the ID.Link app to activate eSIM on my tablet. It’s very convenient. The process is simple and step-by-step, just a few clicks and it’s set up. It also doesn’t take much time. There’s absolutely no need to go anywhere to configure it or pay a manager.
I activated an electronic SIM card on my phone using the ID.Link app. It’s really made user-friendly and understandable. Registration was problem-free, followed by step-by-step instructions with clear directions. The whole process took about 10 minutes.
Excellent service for connecting esim. I used to use a different connection and paid a lot of money when moving from one country to another. Now, I’ve connected this service and can use it peacefully in any country. The website is convenient. You can download the app, recharge your balance, and set any country. I choose the tariff that suits me best. And the best part is the 24/7 technical support.
The idea of a digital SIM card is quite clear and obvious. However, not everyone knows how to actually purchase and connect it; the idea has not yet taken over the masses. Thanks to the developers, they’ve really made a simple and understandable tool for those looking to connect a modern digital card. For me, the connection did not cause any difficulties; it was straightforward.
Install ID.Link and activate eSIM
I decided to get myself an eSIM. I downloaded the app, and within 5 minutes, the SIM card was active. I just filled in the necessary information and paid for the plan. It’s very convenient for me. There’s no need to go anywhere, and no plastic card is needed at all. Plus, the tech support is always there to help.
I’ve wanted to install eSIM for a long time and finally got around to it, it turned out to be not as complicated as I thought. Thanks to the developers and administrators of ID World, they really created a useful service. No problems with purchasing and installing the electronic card, everything is simple and clear, everything works great.