is an app for self-verification of personal identity
is an app for self-verification
of personal identity
Document scanning
The user scans documents with their smartphone camera — the system automatically recognizes the data and checks the document for authenticity.
Identity Verification
The app automatically checks the user’s face against the photo, determining the identity of the document.
Fast contract signing
Based on the recognized data, a contract is created, which the client signs right on the smartphone screen.
Registration via alternative services
The app supports legally approved contract registration services, including through Goskluch (State Key) (and other services).
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Advantages for the customer
To store and transmit information, ID.Client uses encryption and secure communication channels.
Remote verification and contract signing eliminates the need for an employee to be present in person, saving you time and workforce.
Expanded reach
Offer services everywhere, without offices or branches. All documents are processed and stored digitally: no delays or errors possible
Fast connectivity
Registration and uploading documents in your personal account is all you need to get started. No complicated settings or technicians are required.
Convenient API
Integrate the app into your software using API. It will allow you to automate business processes and eliminate manual labor.
Benefits for the client
Everything is simple and convenient
The verification procedure can be completed anywhere and at a convenient time. No need to go to the office or wait for a courier.
Fast verification
Verification of identity takes only a few minutes. You only need a smartphone and access to the Internet.
Less input errors
The application reads data from documents automatically and with high accuracy. The client only needs to check and confirm the information.
Data is secured
Information is encrypted and transmitted through secure channels. Customers can be sure that their personal data will not be accessed by third parties.
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